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Speaking Roles

 1. AngelaP (2)

 2. Leela (2)

 3. MaxV (2)

 4. MustafaH (2)

 5. RobertW (2)

 6. TraceyR (2)

 7. WilliamG (2)

 8. Guest (1)

 9. Gwendoline (1)

 10. ImranH (1)

 11. TonyM (1)

 12. AmitG (0)

 13. AngelaJ (0)

 14. BorislavaN (0)

 15. DavidW (0)

How Speech Points are scored/calculated

A points-scoring system has been put in place by the committee to introduce fairness in resolving situations when demand is high for prepared speech slots.

Each member holding a role at a meeting will be rewarded with points as described below, and these can build up over a number of weeks.

At meetings where the number of members requesting a prepared speech slot at a particular meeting is higher than the number of prepared speech slots available on that date, members with the highest number of speech points accumulated will be given first refusal.
For each prepared speech delivered, the members points totals are reset to zero. Those who may have missed out on a prepared speech during busy periods will retain their points for future meetings, therefore ranking higher up the first-refusal scale at subsequent meetings.

Your current speech points total can be seen in red next to your name on the Agenda page, and you can click on your name for a more detailed breakdown of roles you have held.

Any questions should be directed to a member of the committee for clarification.

Speaker (Reset to 0)
Toastmaster (5 pts)
Gen Evaluator (5 pts)
Contest Chair (5 pts)
Chief Judge (5 pts)
TT Master (3 pts)
TT Evaluator (3 pts)
Evaluator (3 pts)
Stand-In Sarge (3 pts)
Grammarian (2 pts)
Judge (2 pts)
Counter (2 pts)
TT Speaker (2 pts)
GamesMaster (2 pts)
Timer (1 pt)
Attended (1 pt)
Cant make it (0 pts)
Reserve (0 pts)
Target Speaker (0 pts)
Sarge at Contest (0 pts)
Sarge (0 pts)
Presiding (0 pts)