Welcome to Windsor Speakers Blog. The aim of this blog is to provide a taste of what Windsor Speakers Club is like for potential new Toastmasters and to provide tips and inspiration to members.

Over the next series of posts (in no particular order) I plan to cover topics such:
• How to tackle writing a speech
• The gift of feedback
• Table Topics tips
• Why I joined Toastmasters
• The benefit of repeating a speech
• Breaking the ice
• Speech ideas
• Explaining various roles
• Example meeting experience

I hope you’ll enjoy the posts and return for more inspiration. If there is a topic you would like covered then do get in touch.

Whilst I’m kicking off the blog, I am sure other members will be inspired to join in and post as well so we can make this a club effort.

Look out later this week where I will share ‘How to tackle writing a speech’.

Tracey Rogers
Windsor Speakers

Learn to run Online Meetings

Windsor Speakers (windsorspeakers.co.uk ) provides a safe, supportive and educational environment to help conquer any fears or limiting beliefs you may have. Currently working on Zoom, lots of our members are now learning not only how to be on camera on Zoom, but also running a zoom meeting.

If you have always wondered, or thought you wanted to improve, then come along as a guest and join us.