The club is led and managed by the following committee members, committee members are volunteers who have joined Windsor Speakers and as part of the Toastmasters program joining in and getting involved on the committee is an excellent way to improve skills and create a network:

Club President.

“A friend asked me ‘Do you want to come to Toastmasters?’
I think if he had asked me ‘Do you want to come and learn great new skills and have fun doing it?’, I would have visited within days, not months!
In my job, I give a lot of IT training and presentations and they were often pretty dull, and I had been searching for a way to improve my skills and make my delivery more engaging.
At Windsor Speakers, I found a safe supportive environment in which to practice and improve, where its perfectly ok to make mistakes and learn from them through the support of others on the same journey.
Since joining it’s been an amazing experience, and the community and friendships I have made have been so encouraging, resulting in my confidence in work presentations significantly improving.
If you want to have fun and learn priceless new skills come and join us at Windsor Speakers.
Dont forget you can visit as a guest for free any time and watch how we do things.”  

Vice President of PR.
“Windsor Speakers is the friendliest group. I remember it started with the response to my email enquiry, then the welcome when I came through the door my first evening. Even as a Guest I felt very comfortable. Members have a range of backgrounds, interests and reasons for joining. I really enjoy the incredible variety of topics, and presentation styles.
About those speeches.. there was no pressure, I was just encouraged to take those first steps – and then you’re rolling! You choose a Pathway – your own development programme – and get access to the Toastmasters International online help, video and support library.

It’s more than speeches though – I’d call myself organised, but getting involved in a meeting also grew my confidence and feedback skills. It’s very inclusive as everyone has strengths and weaknesses.
Whatever you want from it, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it!”  

Vice President of Membership.
“When I joined Windsor Speakers the idea of standing in front of an audience gave me goose bumps. I quickly appreciated the ability to develop public speaking skills was very much within my grasp.

My journey has been extremely beneficial and rewarding, and I am now able to stand in front of an audience and present without nerves and with complete confidence. I feel empowered and energised. Not only have I developed a great skill but I have also made great friendships too.

Windsor Speakers provides a wonderfully friendly, caring and supportive environment for people of any age, nationality, background and profession.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t feel daunted or shy. It’s a great club and worth a visit. We look forward to seeing you soon!” 

Vice President of Education.
“I first heard about Toastmasters a decade before I joined Windsor Speakers, and although I was convinced of the benefits of joining a club I didn’t join, because I felt that public speaking was always my Achilles heel. At Windsor Speakers, I found the right mix of support, encouragement, structure, motivation, and a sense of community to help me in overcoming my fear of public speaking. I can confidently say, the benefits I expected from being part of a Toastmasters club have far exceeded my expectations.
Within just one year of my Toastmasters journey, I have developed skills in public speaking and have become more confident in both my professional and personal life.”

Club Treasurer.
“While I never felt that nervous about public speaking I certainly wasn’t jumping at opportunities to practice in front of groups.

Being able to speak in public is such a key skill. While a lot of us may not have to speak in public to audiences on a regular basis, we may have to speak on conference calls or at smaller team meetings at work. The practice and learning you’ll get at Toastmasters helps with all of this too and you’ll become much more confident about speaking in front of others in general. Another skill that has been a key benefit to me has been organising and running meetings. Toastmasters has really helped me with this and that has been great in my work career.”  

Club Secretary.
“I joined Windsor speakers because I felt it was a warm and welcoming club. It is large enough for a good audience but also small enough so that you get the opportunity to participate in roles at most meetings to develop both your speaking and leadership skills.
“My aim has been to develop my speech writing style and delivery to engage the audience. I find the supportive feedback the group gives really helps you learn and improve. The more roles and speeches you do the better you become at managing your nerves and smiling.”   


Sergeant at Arms.
“I joined Windsor Speakers because I wanted to practice public speaking in a safe environment, supported by a group of people that understand some of the stresses that public speaking can bring.
“Being comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people is important to me and I now have the perfect opportunity to do this regularly, whilst having fun learning new skills.”